Monday, October 19, 2009

How Things Got Handled (NOT)

well no one talked with Chandler today at school. We found out from Chandler that this kid has been suspended for a week.

A few things that are making me upset:

1. we have not got a phone call from the school, expressing anything, nothing, zip!

2. we have not heard from this kids parents expressing anything, nothing, zip!

3. we are not happy about this kid only having 1 weeks suspension...

4. Chandler is going to be eating a liquid diet for 4 weeks.

5. I want to know who is going to pick up the medical bills?

Medical Bills so far in hand: Dentist bill for tooth placement $695.00

Medical Bills not yet received:
Xrays from the dentist office, Xrays from the doctors office, bill from the doctors office.

So there is allot of unfinished business, a phone call will be placed in the morning to the school, where I hope and i pray they will have some answers ready for us.


Junior said...

Sheila this whole thing is just crazy, praying you can get some answers and get it straightened out quickly.
4 weeks on a liquid diet, wow, poor kid.

Devon said...

Oh my gosh. What a pain!!!! I can't believe he's going to have to deal with that for a whole month! Poor Chandler!!

Stupid school. You raise some hell, girl!!

Maria B. said...

That's very frustrating. I hope you have a more favorable response from the school tomorrow.

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