Thursday, October 15, 2009


I have to ask, What is wrong with some kids? Chandler was assaulted at school today, he has friends who saw what happened, Thank God, because Chan does not remember what went on. he had a front toot knock out and is pretty scratched and bruised up. he got to the dentist to have the tooth placed back, but that only has a 2% chance of taking. His tooth is now wired in his mouth to 5 other teeth to help keep it in place. Ya know my kids are all good kids, and he in no way desired this. We have filled a report and have the police looking into it, tomorrow Keith will go talk with the principle and give her the name of who did this and who saw it happen. So again, what is wrong with some kids today????


Junior said...

Sheila this is just awful, what is our society coming to. Sure hope he is okay and that his tooth will heal back in place.

Maria B. said...

I'm sorry about what happened to Chandler. I hope he heals fast. There's just way too much violence these days. I hope the boy who hurt Chandler will get what he deserves!

PeggyMomma said...

Even tho I don't "know" you all, I read your blog every waiting to hear what happened with Chandler...his tooth, the school, the idiot kids involved, etc. Hope he is doing OK!!? Hi to Sky, too!