Thursday, October 29, 2009

Day 4 of cold

Sky this morning ready to go, go, go
Puffer treatment, I have to LOVE the age of 4, Sky will tell me when he needs a puffer (so cute)
crazy bed head, but happy
making a call to Lightning McQueen last night
Sky is doing great with this cold, its nasal and trunk, but with the help of puffers, CPT and cough treatments, its been pretty low key (yes Im knocking on wood) Sky had his first great nights sleep last night, I got up every 3 hours to check on him, and he sounded great all night long. Now this morning, holy cow, mornings seem to be when all the junk rises from no where, but we got it out and Sky in now enjoying some up time in his chair while playing with his race cars.


Junior said...

Glad to hear Sky is still handling this cold so well. Mornings are our bad time as well. Junior can sound great all night and then icky in the morning, evenings can also be hard on him.
Big hugs, and hope you are all healthy again in a hurry

Maria B. said...

Get better real soon Sky! What are you going to dress up as for Halloween?

Devon said...


Mary said...

So sorry to hear Sky is sick! Jenna has it now too and starting Zithromax. Hope he feels better REAL soon!!