Sunday, October 18, 2009

Chandler Update

Chandler is doing ok, he is in pain, but its manageable. He did not go to school on Friday, but will go in the morning. Sometime tomorrow he will tell what he remembers. We talked to the school and oddly enough they had NO KNOWLEDGE of Chandler getting assaulted at school or even hurt. How is that possible? Id want to know if one of my students was hurt, especially assaulted... So i am going to give them until Wednesday to contact me, allow them a few days to figure it out, and then on Wednesday I will call and expect answers. I am anticipating that the kid who did this will be expelled. And I am also anticipating that someone will be picking up the medical bills. So we are in a holding pattern.

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Junior said...

Poor Chandler what an awful experience, hope tomorrow goes smoothly for him and that the other boy gets disciplined.