Sunday, May 25, 2008


So Skylar is doing a little better, fever isnt as high today, Thank God. But man oh man is he a cranky little guy. he dosent want nothing to do with anyone right now, and be prepared if you have to cough or suction. I talked with our pharmacy yesterday, and some uncommon side effects of the VPA is runny poo's and high fever. But its a small % that get these side effects, well Sky has those so we stopped the VPA. We will let him get back to his norm and then Ill talk with our ped about lowering the dose. So thats it for now. Big Hugs Sheila

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Nate said...

Glad to hear things are a little better! Keep up the good work and we'll be prayin for you guys. I hadn't heard that about VPA before, as far as I can remember. :/