Sunday, May 04, 2008

Sky Driven Pic's, Little Video and Allergies

We have been having not as much fun the past week, allergy season is upon us, and Sky has been miserable, watery eyes, boogies out his nose and with that comes extra boogies through his trach. But today he seems to be doing much better. I cant really give him to much for his allergies, because they tend to dry you out, and being dry and having a trach do not go hand in hand. So its called deal with it and make the best of it as you can.

Monday we go see our local doc for Skys 3 year check up and blood draw, if all goes good with his blood work we should be able to start the VPA soon!!!!!


hjoy said...

Go Skylar, you are quite the little driver.

Izabell said...

you are the cutest guy ever!