Tuesday, May 27, 2008

On The Mend

Skylar Sunday Night, not very happy. Im so
glad he dosent look like this now.

well Sky had another great night, it looks as if what ever this was has finally gone.Thank God!!! he is a little tired today, but thats ok, he needs to catch up and finishhealing. There was a little concern with the runny poo's and high fever,as he started VPA just 10 days ago, and from what our pharmacist said that is a rareside effect, but it effects very few, so we stopped the VPA. But today i talked with ournurse and she and our doc think it was a virus going around Stanwood, she saidthey have had lots and lots of kids come in with high fever, runny poo's and just notfeeling good. We are going to finish the antibiotic and as soon as it is gone we are going to start the VPA again, as they dont think thats what caused this. So Skys stats are back to his norm, So Thank you everyone for the prayers!!! Big HugsSheila

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Izabell said...

i am so glad he is feeling better and hope that he counties to get well! poor guy! sending hugs and kisses your way Skylar!! love Izzy and wyndi