Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Skylar is slowly getting better, he has a virus that is going around Stanwood right now. He is about half way through it, so continued prayers would be great. He has been on antibiotics since Sunday. He has so much coming out of his nose, I did not know such a small child could make so many boogers... He is in a good mood, today has been the best day, he has been playing and talking and almost acting like his normal little self. Im standing watch, listening to breath sounds and only coughing when needed, he seems to do a pretty good job with coughing on his own, but with his SMA it still isnt how it should be. And Sky seems to get dry fast if you over cough him, so Im still sitting bed side, and I will be until Sky is 100%!!!!

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hjoy said...

So glad to hear that Skylar is on the mend and see that smile again. Will continue to keep him in our prayers.