Thursday, May 29, 2008

Doing Better

Skylar is hardly ever sick, and I guess its been a while because I forgot I can turn his pressures up to help move the junk in his lungs and in his chest. He has been doing great and still is. Its just a delicate balance you have to fallow to help him get over any illness. So today i turned his pressures up just one, and what a difference that has made. He is moving much more air, and it is allot easier to get everything out. ill leave his settings where they are now until this virus passes, which hopefully will be in a few days!!! And once its gone we will go back to his regular settings.

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Izabell said...

sklay we hope your feeling better daily! your mommy is so wonderful and knows you so well! you in suck lovely care! what a wonderful family you have! i hope that you are all able to get rest soon too!