Monday, May 05, 2008

Skylars 3 Year Check Up

Skylar had his 3 year check up today, he weighs 33 lbs and he is 39 inches long, so he is still in the 75% on the growth charts. he had his blood work done today too, poor kid. I have not seen Skylar that mad in 2 years. We got some very good news today, Skylar will be starting VPA in a few days. this has been a trial drug for several years for SMA. And it has been proven safe for one, it has also been proven to increase the SMN1 proteins that Skylar is missing. Once he starts to build the proteins he will get stronger. He will have o have blood work every 3 months to make sure everything is good, that stinks, but well worth it. I have been told by other SMA moms that they started to notice the effects of the VPA in as little as one month. We have seen and heard of so many TY II kids on VPA walking, it gives me so much hope. Will Skylar walk??? I dont know, only the Good Lord knows that. ill be happy to see improvement in head and neck, and trunk strength, to see him get more movement in his legs and better control of his arms. it will also help strengthen his swallow :), maybe this year at Thanksgiving, Skylar can partake of a real Thanksgiving feast. Oh so much to be Thankful for!!!

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Izabell said...

yea!!! that is wonderful news!!! go Skylar go!!and your entire family!! wahoo!!!!!! we are so happy for you!! i'm dancing:)