Thursday, September 25, 2008

What it takes

Ive said for the past 2 plus years how I dislike apts at Childrens. Hear is a run down of my morning, now Skys apt isnt until tomorrow at 2:00, but this is what I have to do to get ready the day before.

Charge all batteries, 3 in total, check each one, check the inverters, charge the suction machine, make sure its working correctly, change out all tubing and filters on the v-pap, set up an oxygen tank, check to make sure its filled and working, check the amio bag, change filters and attachments, check it to make sure its working correctly, pack a bag with just suction materials( catheters, saline, noses, gloves), pack Skys bag with diaper, wipes, milk and cup, pack toys and what else I think Sky would like. pack extra pulse ox probes and coban, check SP02 machine, make sure its charged and working correctly.

Now this is all the day before, tomorrow I will have to double check everything, and load it in the van. once everything is in the van I have to check it all again before getting Sky in his seat and setting him up for our hour and half drive.

Now i wont use everything Im bringing, but Ive found its best safe then sorry, and if you go any where you need to be prepared!

Skylar has a 15 min apt with his ENT, they will check his stoma and change his trach. they will also evaluate if he needs a bigger sized trach or not. if there is anything that causes a concern we will make another apt and take him back in within a few weeks, if all goes well (which it will) we wont have to bring him back for another year!!!


hjoy said...

Wow Sheila you do have your hands full when you go to an appt. I am impressed, you are quite the mommy.
Hugs Heidi & Junior

Joyce and Ernie said...

Everything will go fine with Skylar's appointment - you are prepared for anything - that little guy is in the best hands!