Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Daddy kisses are always the best

Skylar and his big bobo Chandler

ok the story behind the pink panther, Skylar thinks its so funny that almost any show he watches mama's got one of the charters from it for him. He isn't spoiled or anything...

Moni and Chan are back in school, and in the last 2 days Ive pretty much got Sky back onto his regular schedule... Im so excited!!! While the big kids have been in school Skylar has been driving driving driving, he is getting pretty good, today it was actually a challenge to keep up with him :)


hjoy said...

Sky I love your pink panther very cool, so great that your mom has so many characters from the movies. Way to go with the driving.

Aiden's mommy said...

Sky you look like suc a big boy driving in your video. I loved the eye rolls. Aiden does it when we annoy him or if anything is on his head.
Biggie hugs
Dawn and Aiden