Monday, September 08, 2008

Hide and seek and a van for Sky

Skylar played his first game of hide and seek the other day with his sissy Moni. A power chair is a little hard to hide, so I put a blanket over him, and as his sissy was looking for him you could hear Sky saying ah oh, it was very cute and he had a blast. When it was his turn to count to 10 he did and hen he would say hear come, and I found you when he did find Moni. Sky is doing great with his chair, and Im excited to say we have bought a full size van. But we wont be picking it up for another week, Keith's schedule is just nuts with the Boeing strike, and right now he is working 12 hours a day 7 days a week. but none the less we are all pretty excited, Skylar sealed the buy though, Keith asked him should we get a van? Skylar said "ya... get out.... wow" it was very cute and in deed did seal our decision to buy it.

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hjoy said...

Congratulations on the new van, that is so exciting.
sky, Playing hide and seek sounds like lots of fun. I bet you were really good at finding your sis.