Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Starting to navigate

Yesterday was a wonderful day for Skylar and his power chair, he is able to get from the living room to the play room, from the play room to the dinning room and he even made it into Chandlers room. I still have to do a few quick corrections every so often, but for the most part he is getting it, and he gets so excited when its time to be a drive.

Prayers asked for my family, my Grandma is in poor shape right now, she is in congestive heart failure, with her heart only working at 10% right now. My mother is staying true to her DNR, and for right now she on morphine to help keep her comfortable. Grandma told my mom yesterday that she was ready to see Jesus... I wont be able to go say my good byes, but my mom is passing a message of love to her today from me, I will just have to be Thankful for our last visit in march.

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hjoy said...

Way to go Sky, you are becoming quite the driver.

Sheila so sorry to hear about your grandmother. Lots of prayers.

Heidi & Junior