Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New Pics and a Message for Dada

Skylars pool has been ate by the new puppy, so... today i will spend a good part of my day getting Skylars other pool set up in the sun room. I figure this way he will have an indoor pool, but it feels like he is outside. The puppy cant eat it, bugs cant get in the water, and the water will stay nice and warm, he could swim day or night. Ill put pic up later ;)
Skylars blood work came back all normal, his VPA blood level is now in the therapeutic range, so no more blood draws for at least 2 months, we will see and monitor his improvements, and in 2 moths we will talk about changes.

Moni and her friend Mackenzie having fun yesterday, you know girl things, eating melons, pretzels with peanut butter, lounging in the sun. Talking over the year book and swimming.

And just being silly!!!

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hjoy said...

sky I love your spiderman shirt, Junior would be very impressed.
You sure did a great job talking to your dad, way to go big guy.
Heidi & Junior