Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Busy Day

I couldnt help but take this pic, he has a look in his eyes that say "what, I didnt do it"

Bailey, loves to watch her dad paint.

Tan and Blue

Happy he finished before sundown :)

Our day started at 11:00 with masking, masking, masking... Buy 3:30 or so we were ready to spray the body color, it took about 4 hours to do, but man does it ever look good, bye-bye smurf blue, hello creamy tan!!! So if the weather stays ok I (Sheila) will paint the trim (I cant wait).... Skylar played his his brother Chan while I worked outside, I had lots of trips in the house to check on my kids, they had a blast and from the look of my living room, well lets just say it looks like a small bomb went off. In all it was a great day, the only thing that could of made it any better would be Moni being home.... But she will be soon, Sunday we go pick her up (((I CANT WAIT))) I Miss my baby girl (TONS)

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hjoy said...

My goodness you guys sure are busy. It is all looking great, can't wait to see a picture when it is all finished. Love the doggy pics, Junior can't wait to get his seizure dog.