Monday, July 21, 2008

Let the Crazy Start

I know silly post title, but its going to be nuts hear for a few weeks. Keith has vacation time in 2 days and he will be off for 2 weeks (wow 2 weeks with my hubby home...yeah I cant wait)

So people always say to him where are you going? Going... no....working....yes.... We will be painting the house this weekend and rebuilding the deck and adding on Skylars ramp. In between painting and cutting lumber we have an ENT apt for Sky on the 1st at Childrens, this one just gets me (its a 15 min apt) which is great but we have to drive an hour and 45 mins one way. Crazy, I wish we could find a ped ENT closer to home, but no such luck.

Miss Moni has a dentist apt on the 5th, and on the 11th we take Sky to see his pulmo. Another funny one, I made the apt the 1st of May for Sky to see Dr Carter, well his original apt date was set for Sept 15th, I could not believe they were booked that far out with apts, so I asked to be added to a cancellation list and sure enough, we get to get in almost a month faster.

Then its the back to school rush for everyone, even Sky!!! So if were out of touch for a few weeks, its only because we have lots to do.

Big Hugs


hjoy said...

Hope all your appointments go smoothly as well as the big projects.
Sounds like you will be super busy.
Good luck on everything.
Heidi & Junior

Little Bug said...

It sounds like you guys should do an episode of This Old House, or Home Improvement or something like that. I hope all your endeavors go smoothly and that all your appointments are uneventful. I know how you feel about that commute to children's for such a short appt. We've had our share as well. Have a great final month of summer break with all the kiddos and enjoy eachother in the sunshine.
Lovebug Hugs,

Anonymous said...

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