Monday, July 14, 2008

Late Night

Everyone was up last night until 2:30am ( I know so late) But we all wanted to say "Have a good trip, and hury home to Dad"... Keith called a little bit ago, and he landed safly in St. Louis... 4 days and daddy gets home, we cant wait!

Skylar had his blood draw this morning, moni was a big help with all the equipment (as always). Now if our blood draw would of gone as good as getting to the apt. I charged the battery to run Skys equipment, but half way through the blood draw it started to beep at me, meaning low battery, so we plugged into power at the clinic, and I plugged him equipment into the lighter in the truck on the way home. This blood draw they needed more then 1 vial of blood, as they are also checking his cbc's. So anyway that ended with Skylar telling the nurse ALL DONE... We picked up one of Monicas friends and now we are all home (Thank God)

Chandler left this morning for his moms, so he will be gone all week.

I guess thats just about it. Cant wait for Friday!!!!

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