Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Missing My Moni

well moni has been at her dads now for 4 days and it feels like weeks. I know Sky misses his sissy lots too. I cant wait for Moni to get home Sunday. keith is headed to St. Louis on Monday and Chan will be with his mom for that week so Moni is coming home a week early from her dads to be hear at home with Sky and I. Both of our kids have been trained on how to do trach care with mom. you can do it by yourself, but I dont think its very safe for Sky. So she will be home to help lend a hand.

Sky had his blood draw and his VPA level was to low, so we have uped his does to 4mls two times a day. So on Monday Moni and I will run Sky into the lab for another blood draw.

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hjoy said...

Sky I bet Moni is missing you also.
It is great that the older kids can help with trach care. Love the pool picture, Junior can't wait for the smoke to leave so he can go to the pool.