Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Pictures

Moni and Sky
Chan and Keith, little man/big man

Moni on my shoulder

Sky and the baby kitten

Ok, these two pictures for whatever reason loaded side ways, and I can not get them to load the correct way, but they are of Sky enjoying some flowers from the yard.

Moni and Sky

Chan and Bailey
And again with the side ways picture, who knows.
loven the kisses

Sky showing his Thanks to all the people who have fought for our freedom.


Junior said...

Sheila such beautiful pictures, looks like you all had a very nice Memorial Day. I love the pic of the dog giving Sky kisses, so cute.
Big hugs,Heidi & Junior

Maria B. said...

That was a beautiful picture of Moni against your shoulder. Sheila, your basket flowers look bigger and even more beautiful. Love all the pictures of Sky!