Monday, May 11, 2009

Bitter Sweet

I had a wonderful Mothers Day, I enjoyed being with 2 of my kids, Moni and Sky... Chan was spending his day with his mom. It was a great day, we had roast for lunch and pasta for dinner and a yummy coffee cake and apple cider, the kids and Keith got me a sewing machine, I cant wait to dive into making some things for Sky.

On a sad note, one of our dear SMA friends passed away early this morning, Logan was 4 TY 1... he was and is a beautiful little boy who died to the hands of SMA way to early, Shelle and Chris you have my hearts prayer, Im so sorry, Ive been in tears all morning thinking of you guys. Logan, fly free little man, you are so loved and you will be so missed!!!!


Lucy and Ethel said...

Oh no, not Logan! I'm a little behind and have just read this. I am so sorry to hear about Logan.

The end of SMA's devastation won't come a moment too soon.

On a positive note, love the pictures of Sky!


Junior said...

Such cute pictures, happy that you had a good Mothers day.

So sorry to hear about Logan, we will be praying for his family.

Maria B. said...

Sheila, I am still in shock about Logan. I wonder what happened. SMA is just terrible! Please give Sky a hug from Jojo and me.

Devon said...

Poor guy...I didn't know them but I was in tears earlier. We are going to beat this disease. We will. Someday.

hugs to you and Sky.

Little Bug said...

Wow, another one to SMA. Shoot, I will be praying for Logan's family. Continue raising awareness Sheila, you are gonna beat this disease.
Love you guys,