Thursday, May 21, 2009

Coffee and Sickness

In the kicthcn with dad maken some coffee.

just being cute

my little rock star

I know weird title post, huh... Well Skys not sick, but his older brother Chan is home sick today, cough, rattle chest and low grade fever, so he is quarantined in his room, he is wearing a a face mask, and will keep it on until he is better. Lets hope it is gone soon and is contained to just Chan and no one else!!!!! So thats the sick part, the coffee part is pic of Skys new fav thing, helping dad or I make the morning coffee, (I think he likes the smell)..


Junior said...

Sky it is very cool that you help mom make coffee. Love your cool guitar, rock on.

Alyson said...

Your son is ADORABLE!!!! I love the rock guitar picture :0)

Another fried on my blog list is a little girl named Gwendolyn and she has SMA.....You should check her blog out..... I think its



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