Saturday, May 23, 2009

Beautiful weather

Keith brought me home a beautiful flower basket.
I had to show Sky the flowers, he loved them. but it was a bit hot out on the deck, we were only out in it for about 15 mins before I heard "hot mama hot" so in we came.

what a great way to have a 3 day weekend, Sky is enjoying the comfort of the cool air in the house, were appear to be having a Spongebob marathon (I Love it) I think I enjoy Spongebob just as much as he does.


Maria B. said...

I'm sure Washington is pretty this time of the year. Jojo went through the SpongeBob phase, too. In fact, he was about 4 when he was so much into it. He even called me Squidward, his Daddy was Mr. Crabs, Austin was Patrick and of course, he was Sponge Bob. I hope Sky's brother is feeling better. Have a great weekend!

Junior said...

So happy to see that you guys are getting some sunshine. Sky you are looking very cool in your shades.
Have a wonderful weekend, big hugs