Thursday, March 26, 2009

Playing hard

Fast asleep with brush in hand.

Sky telling me he wanted to go this way, he wanted to go get daddy up.

Driving his yellow

He sits in his power chair so well, I just love seeing him up and on the go!!!

Drawing and writing

Must have been a good part in his book

Enjoying some books

turning his pages so he could hear more o the story

Skylar was so very cute this morning, up at 5:30 and ready to go go go by 6:30, we spent about 4 hours in red and in his power chair, playing elafun, drawing, reading, racing cars and playing ball. When I got Sky out of his power chair it was 11:30 and he wanted to paint, so we got all set up, about 25 mins into painting the little dude feel asleep... In the middle of painting I might add (it was very cute)


Junior said...

awwww Skylar you are so cute asleep with your paint brush. Wow you were a busy dude today no wonder you fell asleep. Have a great evening. Hugs,Heidi & Junior

Joyce said...

Great pictures Sheila - such great expressions on Skylar's face. He looks like a little angel asleep. Joyce

Anonymous said...

What a great day! Maria B.

Little Bug said...

Hi guys,
I haven't commented in so long, but I'm still here. Skylar, you really are the most handsome young man. You are getting so big, and you look great up in your power chair. We are all SO PROUD OF YOU!!! We really want to take you up on that invitation to head your way once the weather gets better. Miss you guys like crazy!!!
Lovebug Hugs,
Lori and the gang

Darren and Jody said...

Hi Skylar,

My name is Jody Riggs and my son Karson has SMA type 1. I just found your blog through Monica English and wanted to tell you how cute & special you are. Hang in there!

Love The Riggs