Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Little Up date

Lets see not to much has been going on hear, I just got over a 3 day sniffle and Sky is working on day 2 of his sniffle, so far nothing to bad, he is still playing and driving and wanting to go 100% of the time. Im just having to blow his nose more then normal. So as long as it stays that way and dosnt change other then for the better, we should be good.

Skylar and Chandlers Birthdays are just 18 days away, Chan will be 14 and Sky is having his golden Birthday, he will be 4. Cold and flu season is still very high in our area, so we have opted to have the big family party the first weekend in May. But we will still have cake and all the goodies....

We are getting 3 alpacas, they will be hear in 2 weeks. The kids are so excited, so am I. Keith and Chan have been working on the fence and this weekend we will be getting some straw for the barn and rope fence.

Other then that, thats about it...

I know its St Patrick's day, we dont usually do much, wear a little green and for dinner the kids will enjoy some green eggs and ham (bacon for Moni)

1 comment:

Junior said...

sorry to hear that you have the sniffles, thats no fun.
Alpacas wow how cool is that? Can't wait to see pictures.
We don't do much for St. Patricks day either. Junior is wearing his camo pants to the doctors appt so he will have some green on but thats it.
have a great day.