Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Our Quantun Wheel Chair Rep

we had a rep from Quantum come out today to make some adjustments to Skys power chair, and I was impressed, he was very nice, and offered a few suggestions to get Skylar using his joy stick better, Skylar has weakness in his wrists so the adjustments were greatly appreciated. he didnt think Skylar needed the min joystick as he still has very good hand control and can grasp the large ball at the end of his joy stick. So we are going with what we have and see if the adjustments that were made help. Ive already seen an improvement, he can now turn to the right better. Its slow going as Sky will have to get use to the new position, but I have all the faith in world in my little man (I say give him a week or two) Also he brought us out a new stander, but it was to big for Sky... So we will have to wait bout 4 weeks for the smaller one for him to try. The funny thing is these people thought Sky was 5, he is such a big kid, they were surprised when I told them he was only 3... So in all it was a great day/morning, Skys had about 3 hours up in his power chair so far today, and its charging now. Im sure as soon as its ready Skylar will be up driving some more :)

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Junior said...

That is great news Sheila, can't wait to see him speeding around in his chair.
Bummer that you have to wait on another stander, hope Sky enjoys it.