Friday, March 06, 2009

Looking back WOW

This is Sky yesterday, I know that pillow is huge, but I haven't finished the smaller one for his head. But Im almost done with it, it helps him to keep his head in the correct position while driving his power chair.
This is Skylar this time last year so March 2008 (he still has that baby face)

Skylar March 2007, he very much looks like a baby in this picture (this is one of my favs) I always wondered what he was thinking, such concentration in his eyes.

Skylar March 2006, 1 week after his diagnoses and just 2 weeks prior to catching the flu, and our 3 month hospital stay, Love this picture, but it also reminds me of what my baby looked like with out machines and trachs, so I guess this picture makes me a little sad.


Junior said...

Sheila, Skylar is such a handsome little guy and wow has he grown and changed. Have a great weekend
big hugs, Heidi

Maria B. said...

Oh Sheila..I know what you're saying. Lately I've been looking at old photos of Jojo and I just stare at pictures of him sleeping without the bipap on. Now when he sleeps, I can't see his face and he always get those bipap "bites" in the morning no matter what mask we use. Our boys are growing up; they're not babies anymore. Of course I always tell Jojo that even when he gets to be as old as Daddy he will always be MY baby.

amanda said...

He may have lost tha baby face, but not tha cute in baby face, nor the personality. I just kick out of his personality, and he is so smart! Tha little genius! I wish we didn't live so far away because I would love to meet him!