Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Wonderful Time With Family

Left to right; Chandler, me (Sheila), Skylar, Larry, Keith, Ruth and Moni
left to right: Grandpa Ernie, Monica, Chandler and Grandma Joyce

Ruth and Larry

Monica, Ruth, Keith and Chandler

Chandler and Monica making MONSTER Cookies!!!!

We had such a great visit with Ruth and Larry, Ruth is known for her cookies in ND and we have all sampled her goodies.. So its been a baking frenzy around hear, if Im correct she has filled our freezer with well over 60 dozen cookies (maybe more) Oh and they are all so good!!!!!

Keith was our busy tour guide, and took them to see the Underground in Seattle, the Boeing tour, the falls, a drive through LaConner, Space needle and lunch on the pier. And lots more.

Sky has been good with all the company, we were dealing with extra boogies from our weather change so he was very quite the first 3 days, once his body adapted to the weather his was his regular self, chatting and talking away.

We had a great early Thanksgiving, all the food turned out perfect and everyone got their bellies full. Sky even enjoyed some dinner and when he was all done he told it "good bye dinner."

I should say that my dad came with his Christmas gifts form Monica and Chandler, he is taking them to Disney Land in 3 weeks! Lucky little turds!

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hjoy said...

so glad you guys all had such a nice time. Great family pictures. The cookies sound great and so does Thanksgiving dinner.