Friday, November 07, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away and MORE

Shh Skys reading a letter from his girlfriend princess Leah

well our fall/winter has started, and the A typical rain storms are a foot. Its pretty nasty hear from Nov to March. Skylar and I are hunkered in for the next few months as cold and flu season start, but it goes by pretty fast when your playing and having as much fun as Sky and I do.

we had our make a wish team come out last Saturday, two very nice girls. Well i guess they are not girls they are both married with kids (they just look so young) well younger then me I should say. So we made our wish, and I think we are going to get it, so ill tell everyone what it is when we find out for sure which one they will be doing for Sky.

On Monday our eldest cat Smokie was attacked by our dogs, and we thought his back was broken. We took him to the vet and Thank God no broken bones, but they did do some muscle damage to his thigh. he is home resting and healing, with mom helping him every step of the way. He may not get full control of his leg, so its a wait and see. As far as the dogs go, they were and are in BIG trouble. Zues will be going to a shelter on Saturday, and bailey will get a second chance 9only because its so off character for her to do something like this)

we are all getting ready for family to come visit us from North Dakota, Keiths sister Ruthie and her husband Larry. The kids are so excited, and so are Keith and I. So that means Keith is on vacation until next Monday.

Weare having an early Thanksgiving this year, Moni and Chan will be at the others for Thanksgiving... And its been at least 15 years since keith has had Thanksgiving with his big sis, so I have a 27lb turkey in the freezer and all the fixens, there will be about 17 people hear on the 13th (I cant wait... I LOVE COOKING HUGE MEALS Im so excited)

Skylar has his yearly pulmo apt on the 17th, this apt was bumped out 2 times by his pulmos apt setters, so lets hope that this apt dose not get changed. because if it does we will wait until late Spring. (to many bugs out there and not enough people with enough common since out there to know if your sick STAY HOME)

The big kids will be getting report cards in about a week, i think they both did good after allot of getting after Chan, he is starting to pull it together. Moni did a paper on Adolf Hitler and her teacher told her it was the best paper on Adolf Hitler he had ever seen, so YA MONI!!!!

So thats us in a nut shell. We hope everyone has a great weekend, if your in the North West (stay dry) Sheila


hjoy said...

wow, you are cooking a big meal, have fun.
Hard to believe November is already here.

meb0810 said...

Glad to hear things are going well. Hope you have a nice Thanksgiving dinner!