Monday, November 24, 2008

My Littlle Rocker

Skylar loves his music, and he loves 80's rock n roll (just like his mama)... I love turning it on for him and watching him dance and wiggle.

Ive finished up the Christmas decorations in the house, now I just have to get my mess picked up so i can get a good pic for the blog. Sky was my little assistant, telling me where things should and should not go.

Chandler is gone for the week, he is off to Montana with his mom for Thanksgiving, lets pray they have a safe trip, and that he has a good time. he has already asked to come home and got into trouble.

So that means Moni is doing the walk to the bus stop alone this week, I dont like that and if I can get up before MR Skylar Ill walk her down to the bus. But this morning he spoiled that plan by waking up at 5:30. So I gave Moni permission to take her phone with (as long as she has it off during school), just to make her and I both feel better (its a crazy world we live in, better safe then sorry)

Lets see, Keith is busy working, and Im busy hear at home with my little loves. Ive finished Skys Christmas shopping, and this weekend Keith or I will finish up Moni and Chans Christmas. All that will leave is for me to finish up some drawings and get them mailed out, finish up our SMA gifts and get them in the mail.

That would be about it, I hope everyone has a wonderful week! Hugs Sheila

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hjoy said...

Oh Sky you are too funny, love your dancing.