Wednesday, November 26, 2008

To be truly Thankful.. Dinner for 2.5

wow, if you really think about the title post, there are so many things to be thankful for. I would have to say I am truly thankful...

Im thankful for so much, most of it small, but in my world, they are huge. Im thankful for my family, my awesome husband who works so hard for all of us, for my daughter Monica who trys her best at school, who loves to dote on her little brother and who is general a very good kid. Im thankful for my son Chandler, he trys his best to do everything just right, he is a good student and a great big brother. And Im so very very thankful for my Skylar, Im thankful for his smile (which is constant) his little voice, Im thankful for each and every second I spend with him, playing, singing, laughing, Im thankful for every breath and every move he makes (even if its picking his nose). Im thankful for my SMA support group, these people are so amazing, and I love each and everyone of them as if they were a sister or brother, and the kids, wow all of the SMA kids I know hear on earth and for those I know up in heaven, you are all truly a blessing and gifts from God, and I love each and everyone of you! I'm thankful for such wonderful doctors and nurses, its so nice to be able to call and get what I need or my Sky, no questions asked. Im thankful for a wonderful insurance rep, Sue you are the best, Thank you for checking in on us and making sure Sky has everything he needs! I'm thankful for my cats and dog, for our home, coffee and Pepsi (yes, I am thankful for them). But most of all I'm thankful for the job in which I have been given, wife, mom, and all thats goes and comes with it. Happy Thanksgiving!!! Sheila


hjoy said...

Happy Thanksgiving, God bless you and your family.
hugs Heidi & Junior

Aiden's mommy said...

Hope you guys have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Sky is a wonderful rock star!