Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Great Day

Today I had our pediatrician come out for lunch, along with our 2 favorite nurses. We had such a wonderful visit (and yummy food) I made shredded beef enchiladas, rice and beans... Oh and dont forget the cookies ;) they are all so proud of how well Skylar is doing, and can not get over how big he is. I measured him just so we could see how long he is, he is 42" long! I know, he is going to be a big kid! Dr lassinger brought his 3 year old son with him, Simeon (what a cutie pie he is) Skylar however was fast asleep during the entire visit ;( But we will have Simeon come back and have a play day, soon... Also they brought out Skys flu shot and gave it to him while he was sleeping, all he did was peak to see who and what and then went right back to sleep (little pumpkin) I also got my flu shot and they left me with one more to give Keith (yeah right) he wont want it, but Ill try, if all else fails I can give it to one of my kids. So its been a fun day, with good people!!!!

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hjoy said...

sounds like a wonderful day, how neat that your doc and nurses come out to your house.
Hugs, Heidi & Junior