Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bugs, Wedges and Pumpkins

I got Skys new wedges in the mail Friday, and I love them, they are big enough to support his body (like they should) I think he likes them just as much as mom.

Skylar playing with his pumpkins that his speech therapist gave him. he really likes the little one, the gourd he calls bumpy!

Shaken his pumpkin off his tray, Sky had a blast playing with his pumpkin the other day, shaking his tummy so the pumpkin would roll over, he thought it was so funny!

Ah... a caterpillar, Sky just wanted to touch it and touch it again, i asked him "is it fuzzy?" its fuzzy nana, its fuzzy. Needless to say the little caterpillar was a big hit!

1 comment:

hjoy said...

Skylar has such great expressions, love his pumpkins.
Those wedges are great, where did you find such nice big ones?