Saturday, October 11, 2008

Blues Clues and More The Funny Side

Moni and Sky, watching video games
Its Blue him self!!!
Skylar looks so cute in his Blues Clues outfit

Skylar made this bird mask last night, with a little help from mom.

Skylar is doing great, he loves being up and running around the house and doing whatever it is our big kids are doing. Keith and I got Skylar a lift for off the deck, so now we just have to put in a gate for it, so maybe in a few weeks, Skylar will be able to get outside in his power chair!!!
Skylar cracks me up, today before he fell asleep for his nap he was sure he needed to be up in red, repeating him self over and over "get up in red", now Sky has some sure signs of being tired, the biggest one is his ears (they turn bright red when tired) well his ears were very red and I knew he had a very busy day, so I would answer him with "no red nap" he would look at me and say "nap???" like what is this nap thing, I dont know what your talking about. So I let him be for about 3 mins, all the time you could hear him singing along with his show and just talking away, well after 3 mins it was silent, so i peaked in on him, and sure enough, he was sound asleep. I just love my little bug :)

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hjoy said...

Sky I love your Blues Clues outfit, very cool, I bet you love watching the show.
How exciting to have a lift for outside.
Hugs, Heidi & Junior