Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!!! My big kids wont be home tonight for Halloween so Sky and I will have are own little trick or treat, I told him each time he tells me trick or treat he gets a treat, so we will see how it goes. And a little later today we will carve the Great Pumpkin, per Skys request it will be a mad Blue. And then we will finish off our night with Smack Down (the undertaker does his thing tonight) we cant wait to see it!
So sometime later today ill post all of our pumpkin pictures, so come back and see!!!


hjoy said...

Sky I love your Tigger Halloween shirt. You are doing a great job with your pumpkin.

Joyce and Ernie said...

Skylar looks like he had a fun spooky Halloween night - ghostly pumpkin too!