Friday, August 15, 2008

Enjoying Some Sunshine

Today I had Keith set up Skylars other pool on the deck. I filled it with warm water, and set up his lounge chair and umbrella. You would think with as hot as it is he would of loved it. but not today, he did ok with it, but we only spent about 30 mins in the pool, he wanted out... I would of took pictures of him and I in the pool but I dropped my camera in the pool (sorry babe) it was a mothers day gift, and I sure do like it... I have it drying out in the kitchen, I sure hope its not toast!!!!

My dad and step mom set off today on a wonderful journey, they are RVing around the US. they will be gone for 2 months, if anyone is interested in seeing where they go and what they see I have made them a blog, it is

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!

1 comment:

hjoy said...

Sky looks like you had fun enjoying the sunshine. Love your flowers.
Sheila sure hope your camera is okay, I was so worried mine was going to end up in the pool today.