Thursday, August 21, 2008

ABC's, Kittens, Airplanes, Blocks and Banana Phone Video

Playing with some larger Lego's, he can stack them 4 high, but its a little hard to get them to snap. (maybe mom will put some talcum powder on them) It really didn't mater to Sky, he was happy playing with his Lego blocks, stuck together or not.

Flying airplanes, he laughs each time I try to fly it, because it always crashes.

Ah.. kitty kisses. Skylar loves his kitten Love and she loves him!!!

Ive been working with Skylar on his ABC's. He knows them all and associates the letter with pictures, so today we bumped it up a bit. His hand strength is pretty good and he holds his pen very well so we are now learning how to write the letters. This is his 1st attempt at A. This is a great skill, one I'm very happy he is doing and trying to learn. Will he ever write a paper or a full sentence? I don't know, maybe not, but we wont know unless we try. And as long as he is able and willing to learn I will teach him!!!
Skylar has been doing so great, he is up in his chair more and more each day, yesterday he spent 8 hours up and Im sure if I would of let him, he would of been up even longer.


chinese grils said...

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Little Bug said...

Way to go Skylar!!!! Learning your ABC's is a big accomplishment. I'm sure that one day you will write stories of all your adventures and maybe even a book about Bugs!!!! Sheila, you are so awesome about helping Skylar reach higher and higher. You guys are fabulous!!!!!
Lovebug Hugs,

hjoy said...

Yeah, Skylar how awesome that you are learning to write your letters. One smart kid. Looks like you are having lots of fun with your blocks, plane and kitty.

Sheila it is great to hear that Skylar is able to be up so long, that is just wonderful.
God bless, Heidi

Brandy said...

Wow Sky! I'm so proud of you! You are such a smart boy! Keep up the great work! I'm so glad you're enjoying your chair so much too! Hopefully you will get off your banana and call us again Love you and your mama lots little man!

Aiden's mommy said...

Sky, that video was so cute! I agree wholeheartedly with your mommy. Who know what our kids can do? We work on Aiden's alphabet and number everyday (well, almost). I loved your undertaker pic. Aiden is more of a John Cena fan but he loves watching all of them.
Biggie hugs,
Dawn and Aiden

hjoy said...

Sheila, that banana phone video is adorable, so cute.