Saturday, August 09, 2008

August is SMA Awareness Month

August is SMA awareness month and today is our candle lighting to honor all of the baby's and young ones who have earned there wings, and also its to honor all of the precious baby's and kids who battle SMA every day. Please join us at dusk and light a candle in honor of Skylar and all of his friends around the world who fight SMA each and every day. Thank You Sheila


hjoy said...

Sheila, we will be sure to light a candle and pray for a cure.
Skylar is an amazing kid and such a fighter.
Heidi & Junior

Little Bug said...

You can count on us to light a candle to celebrate our Big Bug hero, Skylar. As always, we will pray along side of you for a cure for SMA. You guys are doing a great job at encouraging awareness and education of this diease. We aplaud you and all of your efforts. There is not river, lake or ocean you wouldn't cross for your sweet Skylar and we are behind you all the way!!!!!
God bless you guys and may there be a million candles lighting up the night sky tonight!!!
Lori and the gang!!!