Sunday, June 08, 2008

Skys New B4SMA Blanket

MJ our SMA Queen and her life long caregiver Brenda made Skylar a new B4SMA Blanket, Thank You so much, he LOVES it!!!! Also Hjoy, would you leave me your sons blog address so I can book mark it and see his blog! (Thank You)


Aiden's mommy said...

I'm glad that your are feeling better, Sky. That buggie you had was a nasty one. I love your new quilt!
Biggie hugs,
Dawn and Aiden

hjoy said...

Love the blanket and the smiles.
Here is my little dudes blog address

hjoy said...

Sheila, thanks so much for the comments on Junior's blog, great to meet someone who understand the airway issues and struggles they involve.

Skylar is a very special kid with an awesome little smile.

Vierna said...

We are all REALLY glad that you've recovered. Being sick is no fun indeed! We hope Deedee won't have to see a hospital for a while, it's making me paranoid! :) The pics are BEAUTIFUL! Little guy, you are VERY fotogenic! The smile says so much! A future heartbreaker... Take care. Many good wishes sent your way! :)
Vivian & Deedee