Saturday, June 28, 2008

Our Day

Skylar playing in the game room today, he
is mommys little drummer boy :)
Blues Clues time

Always wanting to color, draw or paint.. I Love It!!!

Skylar on his pool floaty

The turtle dad found

Skylar was so HAPPY about that turtle

You just never know what kind of day we will have, this morning was the norm. And Sky had lots of up and play time, its hot so i wanted to go get little man a pool and floaty. Well about 30 mins before I was going to go I noticed Skys HR was up a bit so i checked his temp, oh yeah wouldnt ya know it 101.3, no reason for it, other then he was working on a poop... So i sent dad and Moni to get the goods and I sat with Sky trying to get him to go number 2, after about 20 mins he did his thing and fell asleep, I checked his temp every 15 mins and his fever was back to normal after 45 mins of falling asleep.

We set his pool up and got his floaty ready to go. But by the time he got up from his nap the mosquito's were out, so pool play time will be tomorrow.

Dad got Sky a few more color books, Dora and Trains... he loves them!!! While doing some coloring in comes dad with a gray bin, saying "you just never know what we will find" I asked him what was in the bin and he pulled out this turtle. it was wondering in between the RV and pond. Well Sky LOVES all animals, and he was so excited to see this huge turtle, walking on the floor.

Now he is watching blues clues with his sissy and having a good time, no fever. That was a hour and 15 min deal (strange I know) So tomorrow will be fun, swimming with mom :)

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hjoy said...

That turtle is very cool, I am going to have to show that picture to Junior. Can't wait to hear about your day in the pool, looks like lots of fun.
Heidi & Junior