Wednesday, June 25, 2008

First Dental Apt


Got to love the pig nose I made for Sky, there is a blues clues where they all wear pig noses and now when Sky watches it, he can wear his nose too..

Skylar in Grandpa Ernies hat and glasses!!

Well Skylar will be seeing a dentist for the first time next Tuesday, and Im a little nervous... He will be seeing a specialist who only cares for special needs kids, so I should feel a little better but I dont. I dont like the dentist, never have. And they talked about doing a knee to knee apt, I dont think this will work for Skylar, so just in case we will be bringing his kid cart with as it lays flat.

On a good note our weather has been great, we have been able to get out for walks each day so far this week, and we love it...

Skylar also has an apt next Monday to have his blood level checked for the VPA, I hope it reads well and is at the correct level in his blood, if its too low we will go up on his dosage, and re check his blood level in 2 weeks.

I talked with our rep who is getting Skylars power chair, and they are getting it put together, so maybe sometime late next week we will have his new wheels :)

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hjoy said...

Oh I just love the pig nose, too cute. Such great smiles.
I was really worried about Junior seeing the dentist as well. We found a great dentist who specializes in special needs children and does great dealing with Junior's airway issues. Hope Sky's appointment goes well.
Heidi & Junior