Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sky Update

Zeus, our newest family member
Sky coloring in ihs new giant Go Diego Go color book

Skylar is doing wonderfully, back to talking and playing, sitting up and going for walks. On fathers Day we got Keith a new puppy. He is about 1 year old, and a mix of boxer and german shepard (I know funky mix) But he is a good dog and very cute. I am hoping he will make for a good watch dog while Keith is a way at work or on business trips. We have Bailey, but she would just lick someone to death. We named him Zeus.

Saturday Moni and I got to go out and do some shopping for Dad, and for Sky. We had fun and they both made out pretty good!

Skylar is back on his VPA, and that all seems to be going good. We are getting his power chair soon, a week or two. And we can not wait, next step is a van. Ive been looking and Ive seen a few, so hopefully in a month or so we will all be out and about :)

My big kids have 2 days left of 7th grade, I think they are pretty excited for Summer break, no more 6am alarms (at least for a little while) it will be so nice having everyone home....

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hjoy said...

Sky I love the coloring, Diego is very cool. The new puppy is adorable. I can't wait to see you in your new wheels, so exciting.
Heidi & Junior