Saturday, September 15, 2007

We just love Sky's chair!!!

Its so good to see Sky sitting up and so happy!!! He just loves hanging out with his daddy!!!!

Tech time with my daddy... I LOVE the green glow pens dad, they are pretty cool!!! Oh yeah I cant for get I LOVE listening to music on your computer too!!!

Skylar you are so inspiring to me, your wonder and beauty is just so amazing!!!

I just love my Sky so much!!!!

Oh come on mom... do I really look like a bunch of pasta???

Thanks mama for wrapping my Popsicle with coban, its so cold with out it!!!

Its the simple things in life that mean the world to me!!! It has been forever since Skylar has been able to be up and in the kitchen with his mama. Well not anymore, its so nice to have him in there with me playing with spoons and cups, having snacks... Ive missed this so much!!!

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Izabell said...

he looks so happy in his chair! I love the new pictures too you guys are having so much fun:) you are such an amazing mom, and family!