Thursday, September 06, 2007

Skys New Chair

Well its hear... Its not the colors we ordered, but he has it and we can work with the pink. By the time Im done with it, it is going to be the one and I hope only Spongebob Kid Cart... We will see, give me a week or so. But dosent he look good, he is getting so big!!!!


Izabell said...

yeah!! we are so happy he got his chair. a big sponge bob cover:) would make it the best chair:) are you guys going to the viewing at Soulimanation on sunday?

Izabell said...

i wish my car was big enough to help but I have a little jetta! izzy has surgery next friday and then a week or two of healing but after that if everyone is well we should come up and visit you:)

Izabell said...

steven (my other half, the rock:) wants to come meet you guys when we get together also. he follows skys blog and adores him:) hopefully in a couple weeks. I saw some vans on craigslist one is older but is 4000

Little Bug said...

Love Sky's new chair. I can hardly wait to see it decked out in Sponge Bob!!!!
He is going to be whizzing around in that thing in no time.
Love you guys,