Wednesday, September 12, 2007

New Pictures

Skylar has had so much going on the past few days... We have been getting up into the new chair, and he loves it. It gives him a whole new perspective... Ive been taking it slow, to see how much up time he would tolerate, and so far so good... he enjoyed going into the kitchen this morning and surprising his daddy, who was working at the kitchen table. We had a very nice lunch hear at the house on Tuesday, we had our pediatrician, 2 nurses, our 0 to 3 coordinator and our OT over. It was so nice for everyone to meet and for Skylar and I to tell them all Thank You for standing behind us and helping us with everything Skylar had needed. So other then that, its just been play time as usual hear, just with a few bigger toys!


Izabell said...

he is the cutest little guy! I love his big smile!!

Stephen and Melanie said...

Skylar is sure getting big! Good to see you guys are doing so well. Miss you! Mel

Little Bug said...

Skylar, you couldn't be cuter!!! I love the pic of you and your gotta keep those pearly whites polished!!!! Anxious to hear an update on how he's doing with his super cool new chair.
Have a great weekend guys!!!
The Robertson Gang