Friday, August 06, 2010

Our day at the fair

Today was a great day, Moni had a few friends sleep over last night in anticipation on our local fair. This morning we packed everything up, waited for Grandpa to get here, and we headed out. Sky had a great time, we played a few games, bought some cotton candy, got Skys face painted and checked out the animals. The big kids stayed until 8:00 riding rides and hanging out with friends from school. It has been a wonderful day, I cant wait for the 26th, we are taking Sky to an even bigger fair to see Monster Trucks (shhh he dosent know)


Junior said...

looks like you all had a great time. Sky I love your face painting.

Maria B. said...

Oh, your fair is so much bigger than ours, which is coming up in September. I wanted to pop the balloons myself. It's so good that you all got to go. Tell Sky he can ride the mini-train if he comes to our fair in September. I wish!

Keith said...

Who is the dork in the blue polo shirt?