Tuesday, August 17, 2010

mellow week or two

Skylars Monster truck paintings

Sky is doing awesome, he has had LOTS of mommy time this past week, Moni and Chan are both gone. Chan comes home Sunday and Moni comes home on the 27th. Sky has been playing Little Big planet (with the help of mommy) and he has been having a blast. We are looking forward to a few last of summer outings in the next few weeks. First and most important the Monster truck show on the 27th, with a Dinosaur exhibit before the truck show. I havent told him, I want it to be a surprise!!!

We have school shopping to do, and lots of school things to get done, they do pictures before school starts hear. Moni will be starting drivers Ed (praying the first class dosent fill up or she will have to do the second one) either way I can not believe she will be driving soon (wow)


Junior said...

Sky your monster truck paintings are cool, Junior is very impressed. Have a great week

Maria B. said...

Ha ha ha...the cross-eyed picture is so hilarious! Don't get used to it, though, Sky.

amanda said...

Wow...he just keeps getting better and better that little artist Skylar!! Love those paintings and all the other's before too!

I can see mom putting them in a book to publish!