Monday, August 09, 2010

Our Candles

Our candle from Diana Tucker
The photo was taken right before Skylars diagnoses of SMA, and the Blessings is from Auntie Ruthie.
Skylar with his SMA candle
Candle from Chandler (he is at his moms)
Candle from Dean and Moe
Candle from Kristina Axeford
Candle from Rutie, Larry, Sara and Ivan
Candle from Sherie
Candle from Shelley and Dale

Last night we lite our SMA candle or all SMA angels hear on earth and in Heaven, I was told by another SMA parent that in fact the candle lighting in next Saturday, but I know other SMA family's that did the same as us last night. What are you going to do. We will light our candle all week in remembrance of all the SMA children. Thank you everyone who lite a candle in honor of Skylar and his SMA friends!!!!


Maria B. said...

The candles are beautiful! I guess, we're just going to have to light more candles this coming weekend.

amanda said...

Thanks for letting me know about this because I didn't. I will be burning a candle this weekend!

Love the photos of Skylar blowing bubbles. Keep blowing Skylar!

Sky said...

Ah Thanks Amanda, if you send me a picture Ill post it on our blog, Hugs Sheila