Sunday, April 11, 2010

I Love our walks

Moni and Sky, they are just too cute for words....

Sky happy with his flower, I didnt have the heart to tell him it was a weed, oh well
watching the field get mowed
a crown for the king
the boys enjoying the sun shine too
Chan walking down to walk with us
our weather has been nothing less them amazing, amazing, amazing... we have enjoyed 2 hours walks.... I can only hope it starts to stay this way, I Love getting Sky out of the house, even if just around the house. Today we saw the river as Sky calls it (its a creek) we watch dad mow, we watched the alpaca, played ping pong (yes Sky played) ...

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Melodie said...

the "flower" that is too cute! love all the pics of Sky and the rest of the fam... you guys seem like such a happy and loving family. Skylar obviously brings so much joy to your family. It often amazes me how our children accept what is and are so genuinely happy. hope to meet you guys some time this summer. xoxo