Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter Happy Birthday

Happy 15th Birthday Chandler
Happy 5th Birthday Skylar

type.... type....type
Playing with his Ipad

Anyone with a special needs child, needs one of these, it is so easy to use, and will serve to be an amazing tool for Skylar.
Jon Cena action figure, i think he likes it (:

All my kids, Moni, Chan and Sky
The Birthday boys
3D art explosion, how cute is he!
Moni and Sky playing

Sun glasses from the Easter Bunny
Looking through his Easter Basket this morning


Junior said...

Looks like you guys had a wonderful Easter and birthdays.
Happy Birthday Chan and Sky.

Sheila I love Sky's new ipad, that screen looks huge. I was hoping it was big enough for Junior to use eye gaze with and it sure looks like it is. His teacher is bringing one over to test out with him tomorrow.

Maria B. said...

I love, love, love all the pictures! Thank you for posting pictures of Sky with the ipad. Will you post a video of him using it, too? I would like to get an idea if Jojo could use one, as in, does it require a lot of wrist action or how much finger pressure does it take to work, etc. I'm so behind, technology-wise. Brady and I use the old-fashioned cell phones. :o) Have a great week!

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Happy birthday Skylar! It looks like you had a fabulous day. The ipad looks wonderful, it does seem great for kids with special needs!

amanda said...

Happy Birthday Skylar and to your brother too. Looks like you all had a fun party, and a Happy Easter!!